Human resources

Convinced that the success of our company is congruent with personnal success, individual commitment and a  team spirit are part of our core values.

 In a transversal organization where teamwork is essential, our Division Directors collaborate with Human Resources daily to manage their teams effectively. Team management is run locally but governed by a Group Human Resources policy.


Our high technology products challenge us to develop the skills of our people through important investments in continuous training beyond any legal obligations. That is why the PORCHER INDUSTRIES Group has become the benchmark in the textile industry for developing and retaining highly skilled employees. 

From aeronautical textiles to composites products and from electronics to automotive, sport or building applications, the PORCHER INDUSTRIES Group offers many career opportunities in an increasingly competitive environment.

 Joining the PORCHER INDUSTRIES Group, means each one works together as part of a team to contribute to the success of the entire company and impact the development of tomorrow’s technical textiles.


Job opportunities

From the recruiting phase forward, special attention is dedicated to the applicant through several interviews with the future partners of the PORCHER INDUSTRIES Group.

This allows a comprehensive exchange of information with the applicant and we can better appreciate the technical skills of the person, his adaptability within the PORCHER INDUSTRIES Group and his potential for growth within the organization.

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  Unsolicited applications

 You may send us your application by this email for a job and by this email for a training experience