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En route avec Aile15/04/2014 

«En Route Avec Aile», an incredible travel around the world!

Olivier Peyre used to dream of an incredible project : a flight all around the world without any motorized help. That was the origin of  "En route avec Aile". Since 2008, Olivier is flying across the continents by only using paraglider,  bike and  snowkite.
After a first start in July 2008 from Grenoble, Olivier travelled thousands of kilometers, crossing New Caledonia, Vanuatu…

Olivier plans to finish his travel at the Coupe Icare, in 2016. Eight years for a travel across the five continents, simply using a free and unlimited energy : the wind.
Currently in Australia, Olivier has crossed the desert with his bike, pulled by its wing made of Skytex fabric, the 32 Soft Finish material.  He prepares now to cross New Zeland, using his snowkite. The wing, under development by Approach Design, will be made also of Skytex material.  

Pour rêver avec Olivier c'est ici !

The new generation of light fabrics10/03/2014 

The rationalization of our Skytex© range for paragliding fabric resulted in the launch of a new coating called « Universal », which is available for materials 38g and 32g. These new fabrics fully satisfy market expectations. Today, Porcher Sport is working on the optimization of its range of reinforcement fabric.

In partnership with the brands, Porcher Sport develops a new generation of reinforcement fabrics, 25% lighter than the past generation, thanks to new and equally resistant polyester fibers, permanently available at Porcher Sport.

These new fabrics have been developed at first for illuminating and waterproof balloon, inflated with helium. The fabrics will be now available for paragliding design.

So, be a little more patient and you will soon find them on your machines, for unforgettable flights, safely with Porcher Sport !!

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