Our added values

A unique experience

For the last 50 years, French forces have been jumping with parachutes made of Porcher Sport fabrics.
Yachting sails, windsurf, hang gliding, ultra lights, Porcher Sport was following the development of these sports right from the start. For over 20 years, Porcher Sport has been supplying the paragliding market worldwide and has become the reference for fabric in this field.
Hot air balloon, Kite, Spinnaker - each sport, whether in the air or on water, demands very specific materials, with precise requirements.
We have therefore acquired a unique experience in the development and the manufacture of fabrics for all these sports.

Being receptive

We develop our fabrics for and with many aircraft manufacturers. By being constantly receptive to their needs and expectations, not only we follow their technical advances, but we anticipate them too.

In this perspective, we have three engineers that are exclusively dedicated to the development and the quality control of the products in each sector.

All in one

With our products and services, our clients can benefit from a fully integrated industrial tool. Basic research, design, production, stock, quality control, after-sale service, it all takes place in the same region of France, in our two plants near Lyon. The logistic department of Porcher Sport is supported by the Porcher Group which means power and speed.