Present on the defense market for the last 50 years, we have since 2005 reinforced our position in the Sporting sector with the acquisition of the company Perseverance (the world leader until then).


Sporting activity

We offer a full range (Zero Porosity, Low Porosity) that caters for all disciplines (main parachute, base, novice, tandem...).

Emergency parachute

As leader in the field of paragliders, we naturally wanted to offer a solution for emergency parachutes. These versatile products are perfectly adapted for sky diving, as well as for all other aircrafts (aeroplanes, ultra lights …)


Military parachute

With our historical involvement in this field and as sole supplier to the French forces, we have developed a range of fabrics that covers the entire need of our forces (from training to special elite troops and heavy loads).

Please have a look at our product range.

  • Greige
    Réf. : 000

  • White
    Réf. : 001
    Pantone ref 001 C

  • Sand
    Réf. : 010
    AFNOR NFX08-002 3215

  • Black
    Réf. : 102
    Pantone ref 006 C

  • Light Grey
    Réf. : 163
    AFNOR NFX08-002 A690

  • Silver
    Réf. : 169

  • Light Blue
    Réf. : 330
    Pantone ref 2985 C

  • Royal Blue
    Réf. : 339
    Pantone ref 313 C

  • Light Blue
    Réf. : 374
    AFNOR NFX08-002 A771

  • Reseda
    Réf. : 513
    AFNOR NFX08-002 A050

  • Red
    Réf. : 633
    Pantone ref 186 C

  • Yellow
    Réf. : 922

  • Lemon
    Réf. : 960