For nearly 20 years, porcher sport has been supplying the paragliding market and contributing to the evolution of this activity.

This success is due to :

  • Our performance fabrics that have technical characteristics, consistent from one batch to another.
  • The widest range of products on the market place.
  • The constant improvement in the quality of our products and services.


Our Desire is to always be more in touch with the market in order to better understand and anticipate the users needs.

As leader in the field of paragliders, we naturally wanted to offer a solution for emergency parachutes. For more details, please have a look at our parachute section.



Porcher Sport experts make the following recommendations to maintain the performances of your glider.

Your glider is made of highly sophisticated fabric resulting from many years of research and development.

To assure the durability and maintenance of the performance of your glider, take proper care of it by following the recommended care instructions below.


  • avoid any unnecessary exposure to Ultra Violet light.
  • Do not drag your canopy or walk on it.
  • Do not leave your glider in the boot of a car in strong sunlight. This could significantly reduce the life of the canopy.


  • Don't fold or roll your glider up too tightly.
  • Check your canopy has no insects or other foreign bodies trapped in it when you are folding it away.


  • Spread out your canopy on a flat, clean and dry surface.
  • Do not use any solvents or abrasive products. If necessary, we recommend you wash the stained part with a gentle soap and a soft sponge.


  • Do not fold the canopy until it is completely dry and store it in a dry and temperature-controlled environment with the bag left open.

  • White
    Réf. : 001
    Pantone ref 001 C

  • Black
    Réf. : 102
    Pantone ref 006 C

  • Dark Grey
    Réf. : 121
    Pantone ref 18-0201 TPX

  • Purple *NEW*
    Réf. : 240
    Pantone ref 2602 C

  • Royal Blue
    Réf. : 317
    Pantone ref 2925 C

  • Deep Blue
    Réf. : 354
    Pantone ref 293 C

  • Lime Green *NEW*
    Réf. : 500
    Pantone ref 374 C

  • Green
    Réf. : 551
    Pantone ref 349 C

  • Dark Red
    Réf. : 604
    Pantone ref 195 C

  • Dragon Red
    Réf. : 636
    Pantone ref 032 C

  • Orange
    Réf. : 744
    Pantone ref 1505 C

  • Sunflower
    Réf. : 921
    Pantone ref 108 C

  • Gold
    Réf. : 939
    Pantone ref 123 C