Quality control

At every step of manufacturing, our products are controlled according to the most demanding quality standards.

Our control labs are situated near the manufacturing plants. This way, our 

engineers are in permanent contact with the production teams. 

Sample of fabrics are taken at every step of the production. They are subjected to complex procedures of control to confirm that the properties of the product are 100% consistent with what is required.

Our controlling equipement is regulary checked and calibrated.

One of the steps  the porosimeter measurethe permeability of the fabric to air. This industrial instrument measures a volume of air that can pass through the fabric for a given time.

The tear resistance is very precisely measured using the pendulum method.

With very high precision weighing, our engineers verify the mass per area of fabrics - with lighter products such as SKYTEX TM 27, it becomes increasingly important to maintain this parameter with consistency. Another important measurement : Bias stretch. The same instrument also measures the breaking resistance and stretch, in both warp and weft.



For quality control, as well as for the development of futures products, our engineers subject some samples to artificial accelerated ageing. There are various tests including exposing fabrics to UV light or subjecting them to repetitive folding.


When developing news fabrics, the laboratory work is greatly completed by test "in situ". One of the tests we use : in collaboration with somes paraglider manufacturers we have some complete wings made up with man different samples. The paragliders is then subjected to tough flying conditions in the harshest regions for the fabrics : long exposure to sun, high humidity, abrasive sand and rocks...


Later the wing is cut into small samples that are subjected to all our usual measurements in the lab. The values are compared to the original characteristics of the fabric and give us valuable data on eal use ageing.