Reseach and Development


In today’s business climate, staying competitive means being on the cutting adge of research and new technologies. Porcher Industries has embraced this approach by establishing a department of Innovation and Expertise, allowing us to continually bring customed, innovative solutions to the markets we serve.

The department Innovation & Expertise, comprised of three centers based in France, in USA and in China, relies on highly qualified teams of engineers and technicians who remain abreast of advances in chemistry and technology.



The department’s missions is focused on:

  • On-going research in new products and new solutions
  • Development and improvement of processes
  • Individual customer assistance

As a department that is cross-functional to the group, the Innovation & Expertise Center works in close collaboration with the development and sales services of the different divisions, to anticipate and meet markets needs.

Ability to meet needs globally

The Innovation & Expertise Center (CIE) offers the complementary services of our highly trained, skilled profesionals to assist customers all over the world in diagnosing and solving problems based on their particular need.

They work directly with the customer to develop and implement solutions through the sciences of general and polymer chemistry, material analysis, complex formulations, automation and physical measurements.

Anticipate markets trends

In close collaboration with Strategc Marketing, the Innovation & Expertise Center is continually monitoring markets trends and the new technologies available to offer solutions to clients of Porcher Industries. They take a proactive approach to research and development, allowing them to anticipate market needs and therefore, react quickly to adress challenges that arise. The CIE also works with our customer’s R&D centers to develop the best possible solution in the design of new products.

Complete development from design to production.

All studies are carried out in projec teams comprised of 4 to 15 people.

The working methodology consists of four major phases:

  • Functional analysis, wich defines goals and expectations to be achieved.
  • Design of the news products, including detailed drawings.
  • Testing, wich may necessitate the design of new teasting equipment.

Once these steps are completed, all of the products developed at the CIE can be immediatly manufactured and commercialized on an industrial scale.