Skytex 32

SkytexTM 32: THE new generation of fabric that fits Paragliders pilots expectations.

Porcher Sport, world leader in lightweight fabrics for paragliding enters a new phase of expansion with an always confirmed success of its hybrid fabric SKYTEXTM 32.

This patented innovation is the result of a test protocol with many brands of paragliding, in partnership with Porcher Sport.

Mixing ingenious design with the new “Universal” coating  offers the best available compromise between weight, strength and durability to be on your side for safe flights.

SKYTEXTM 32 offers a complementary range between our SKYTEXTM38 (subject of a forthcoming news) and our famous SKYTEXTM 27.

Many brands have already adopted SKYTEXTM 32 with confidence in its Universal coating (for leading edge, bottom and upper surface) and Hard coating (ribs). For the most stressed parts of your wing, Porcher Sport offers the most robust fabrics in its category with low-deformation performances.

Thanks to your trust, our new SkytexTM 32 is now the benchmark of lightweight materials paragliders today!